Planning Your Honeymoon? Here Are Tips to Help Ease the Planning Process

After months of wedding preparation, the last thing you want to think about is additional planning. Your honeymoon will be a significant memory for years to come, so it’s essential that you and your soon-to-be spouse sit down and make this decision together prior to your wedding day. Whether you’re a couple that wants to go on your honeymoon immediately following your wedding, or you’d like to wait a few months, finalizing all the details prior to your big day will give you peace of mind. Knowing you have a relaxing vacation right around the corner is exactly what you’ll need post-wedding planning. Below are a few tips on how to plan for the best honeymoon in the simplest way possible.

Plan ahead

Wedding details can be stressful and at times feel like an around the clock job. However, planning your honeymoon can be an exciting experience. Not only is it your first romantic getaway together as a married couple, but it’s also a time for you to recharge after all the work you did leading up to the big day.

Squaring away your plans anywhere from a year to six months prior to your wedding day is encouraged for many different reasons. Not only will you be happy that you planned that far in advance but starting early will allow you to find the best deals or more affordable packages. Most accommodations or cruise lines will allow you to put a deposit down to hold your reservation, then request a final payment 90 days prior to your arrival. Having this break in payments will allow you to save or make monthly payments here and there. If there is no budget set, it’s crucial you sit down and agree on a plan.

Determine what type of honeymooners you are

Now that you’ve already agreed on a budget, it’s time to put that money to good use and determine what type of honeymooners you are. If you’re an adventurous couple, you might be interested in exploring different cities or hiking up a mountain together. Some prefer to stay in one place and relax by being pampered with a couples’ massage. Whatever the case may be, the best part about your honeymoon is that you get to decide where and when you want to take it! Some couples opt to leave within days of their wedding. This is great if you’re looking to de-stress from all the chaos wedding planning can bring. Other couples wait a while, which works out perfectly if they had a summer wedding and wants their getaway to take place once the cold weather sets in.

Plan your itinerary

Once you’ve agreed on a destination, it’s time to discuss activities each of you would like to do. It’s crucial to compromise with your partner and devise a honeymoon itinerary together. This way, no one person is getting more out of the trip than the other. The last thing you want is unhappiness on the trip intended to celebrate the beginning of your new lives together!

Planning your day-to-day will make for a seamless trip with no stress or decision-making needed. You did enough of that already, this is your time to relax and enjoy the first vacation as a couple. It will also be nice if you’re able to do some of your own research and sneak in a little surprise or two for your significant other. Whether it’s a reservation at a restaurant on the beach or renting mopeds to explore the city, it will surely keep the trip exciting especially if they have something up their sleeve as well.

Documents you will want when traveling

Depending on the destination you choose, certain documents will be required. Most of these travel documents take time to process so it’s crucial to determine what ones you need for your specific travel plans months ahead of time. The following are crucial travel documents to keep in your carry on:

  • Passports
  • Travel reservations
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Immunization records
  • Visas
  • Cruise documents
  • Marriage certificate

Your passport is one of the most important documents that you will want to consider bringing, especially if you’re leaving the country. Having two forms of identification while traveling is beneficial if you happen to misplace one. If one of you decide to change your last name, make sure your name on your passport and identification card match up with your boarding pass. Also, most hotels will ask that you bring your marriage certificate in order to give you their exclusive honeymoon deals.

Refill medications

Early planning is key, especially when it comes to refilling certain medications. Nothing is worse than being on vacation and realizing you’re low on important medication, such as your daily contraceptive. Having your monthly friend on your honeymoon isn’t an ideal situation. However, if this does happen, telemedicine sites make it easy for you to order your birth control online and any other important prescriptions you may need. Keep in mind that you may run into a problem trying to refill a prescription early depending on the medication, but most will allow you to do so if you have upcoming travel plans.

Create a packing list for you and your significant other

If you’re heading off on your honeymoon right after your wedding, finding the time to pack can feel impossible and is probably the last thing you’ll want to do. Creating a packing checklist will not only ensure you have everything you both need, but it will also make the packing process a lot quicker.

When you’re sitting on the couch one night with your fiancé, grab a pen and paper, and start jotting down essential items to pack. It might not be a bad idea to plan out a couple outfit ideas either, especially when you have an idea of your day-to-day based on your itinerary!

Planning for any event or vacation is less stressful when you work with a professional. Here at Régine Danielle Events, we serve our clients with a personalized planning experience to ensure everything is exactly what you dreamed it would be. If you’re in the midst of planning for your honeymoon, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to answer any questions and help with all your planning needs.

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