Engagement Party Tips

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here—you’re engaged! And what better way to share your excitement than with a celebration that includes the most important people in your life? Traditionally, couples announced their engagement with a cocktail party hosted by the groom’s parents.

Nowadays, this isn’t so much the case. As you have probably seen, engagement parties can be as casual as a barbecue in your backyard or a champagne brunch at an upscale restaurant. It truly depends on you as a couple and the environment you want to create.

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Below we also listed those crucial engagement party tips to make sure you have the celebration of the year!

Engagement Party Etiquette
So, your ring finger is sporting a shiny new sparkler and family and friends alike are eager to celebrate. When it comes to engagement party etiquette the first thing to consider is timing. Normally the celebration is thrown within the first three months of your happy news. It is an opportunity not just to share the news and kick off the excitement for the wedding to be, it can also be a chance for the two families that are about to become one to meet. It’s a wonderful chance for introductions. Remember though, you also need time to revel in your new engaged bliss, take at least a month before you have your engagement party. 

Engagement Party Planning
Who to invite and who not to invite is the question? Traditionally it is the families of both sides, close friends, and your wedding party. Another important element to consider is your engagement party style. It should be a reflection of you and your fiance as a couple, however, it should also consider both your family styles. Especially if this is an occasion where they will be meeting and getting to know each other. You both know your families best, would they be comfortable with a lobster bake on the beach or a sit down dinner at a restaurant? Once you decide on your theme the rest of the planning will fall easily into place. 

Gift Etiquette
In the past engagement parties were not typically known for being an event for gift giving. Today, that has changed and I do recommend you offer your guests some guidance in case they would like to bring a gift. Create a registry and stick to items that fall between the low to middle range for this celebration. In case not all guests bring gifts be sure to open presents after the party and write thank you notes separately. If the idea of gifts still feels uncomfortable, as an alternative include a note instead that requests no presents.

Engagement Party Attire
From brunch, to taco trucks and margaritas, to a formal cocktail party at your favorite sushi restaurant you have so many choices for an engagement party theme. Once you have decided casual or formal don’t forget to specify for your guests what the attire will be. This is also a great opportunity for the bride to be to go have a hair and makeup trial done to get to know an artist and get a little extra pampering for your special night of celebrating. 


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