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Guest Post from Dream Town Realty 

There is a definitive celestial certainty within the matrimonial path that will direct the newly betrothed down one of two avenues of the “honeymoon” phase: we’re talking about starting a family.

For newlyweds, the length of the honeymoon phase is regulated by the imminent arrival of a newborn. This in turn provides a meter against which the couple will base their home buying plans. Yes there are a thousand other factors that are chiseled into the checklist, but nothing weighs in more heavily than “where to raise the kids”.

For the Chicago newlyweds, let’s examine two home buying arenas: one without children in the foreseeable near future, and one with them right around the corner. We’re talking newlyweds, so we’ll keep in mind variables like local entertainment, dining, venues, etc. For young couples on either end of the spectrum, the first home provides a solidifying foundation for everything yet to come.

We’re the Honeymoon Phasers. We want fun local restaurants and pubs, nearby entertainment, and a new home suitable for parties and parents. There are areas that check all of these boxes all across Chicago.

For entertainment, Chicago is one of only a handful of truly great sports cities in America. The professional sports scene includes baseball (Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox), football (Chicago bears), hockey (Chicago Blackhawks), and basketball (Chicago Bulls). This roster is among the ranks of New York’s or Boston’s. What’s more fun than a Cubbies game at Wrigley field?? Wrigley is on the North shore, where you’ve also the Lincoln Park Zoo.

What’s more fun for the newly hitched couple than going for a night out?! For fine fare and refreshment, we’ve dug-in to local culinary experts at “Eater” to examine this year’s top spots:

  1. “Big Jones” – located up North near Uptown, they’re serving the best Southern food in the North
  2. “Tank Noodle” – right down the street from Big Jones, they boast the best “bowl of pho” at this local family-owned gem.
  3. The Lincoln Park area takes pride its “Alinea”, which ranks number 15 on the World’s 50 best restaurants list. Yes, in all the world, the 15th best restaurant resides in Lincoln Park.
  4. “Gibson’s Bar & Steakhouse” makes the list as one of the best steakhouses in the city known for… steakhouses! They’re located in the Gold Coast sector.
  5. “The Publican” at Fulton Market made the “Best Restaurants in America” list. They’re in the Fulton River district. Live there and eat well.

We’re the Baby Makers. We want safe neighborhoods, solid school districts, and fun, cultural activities.

Maybe we don’t want to live in the heart of downtown Chicago, but we certainly want to make it accessible. This area is drenched in cultural amenities that the whole family can take part in. Also, the Bears are here at Soldier Field, which is 100% family fun. Here we have museums, the Shedd Aquarium, theaters, and the Adler Planetarium.

Chicago’s best school districts are really all over the city. Fortunately, in whichever region you decide to sink roots, you’re likely to have a top-ranked school district nearby. Let’s have a look at some of the top districts:

  1. District 128: Community High School, Vernon Hills
  2. District 203: New Trier Township High School, Northfield
  3. District 220: Barrington Community Unit School, Barrington
  4. District 86: Hinsdale Township High School, Hinsdale
  5. District 225: Glenbrook High School, Glenview

Life as a newlywed couple – the long and short of it is that it’s amazing. It should be the best time of your life. It’s a moment you’ll both reflect on and tell stories about. It’s a time that you’ll “remember when” with one another.

Your decision-making processes certainly change when you’re a newlywed. But as plans unfold, and cohesive decisions are made, the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood will reveal itself.

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