6 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Exciting for Your Groom

6 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Exciting for Your Groom

Surprise, ladies! Your groom actually cares about the wedding more than he’s letting on or what rom-coms tell us. The age of gender stereotypes for wedding planning roles—basically, the bride does everything because the wedding is her lifelong dream while the groom stays out of the way—has long passed.

If you like the idea but unsure if your partner is really up for it, here are tips on how to get them fully on board.

  • Get him involved from the start.

While he might not be leading the preparations, you have to let him feel he’s a part from the get-go. Discuss the overall vision for the wedding together. You may have been dreaming of this day but his inputs matter. What are the things you both agree on? Maybe you two love the sun, sand and waves so a beach wedding would be perfect. What are the things you strongly disagree on? That said…

  • Be open to his opinions.

It’s as much his wedding as it’s yours. That’s how marriages work and managing to get through the wedding preparations as well as the event itself is just the beginning. Be sure to genuinely value his judgment. Don’t ask him questions, expecting him to agree with your choices. Prepare yourself with a mindset that he might suggest an alternative. You might find yourself liking them. If not, compromise.

  • Tap into his skills.

Is he into music? Let him take charge of the wedding playlist. Is he a web designer? Have him make the wedding site. Perhaps he’s a lover of the arts. If that’s the case, he might just prove to be a bigger help for the event after all. When you target his interests, hobbies and passion, you won’t have to force him to do anything and you’d feel more like a team working together.

  • Give him a list to work on.

The safest way to get him excited in joining the wedding planning is to put him in charge of the fun stuff or at least let him be part of. The playlist, cake-tasting, gift registry, the bar and drinks, and of course, the honeymoon! The guest list might not be fun but they definitely care about who’s going to the wedding and who isn’t.

  • Schedule what you can do together.

Getting ready for the big day is a great way to spend time together and strengthen your bond. You get to work on your dynamics as a couple and explore different levels of how each other’s minds work. Many couples testify that planning their wedding was a challenging opportunity which allowed them to get to know themselves and their partners at a deeper level.

  • Let him choose his own entourage.

They’re supposed to be composed of his closest friends, his buddies who helped make him into the man you’re marrying. Give him the freedom and responsibility to decide on his wedding party but feel free to remind him and his groomsmen about their duties and responsibilities (i.e. renting tuxes, attending the rehearsal dinner, greeting and escorting during the ceremony).

Don’t forget to remind your groom about giving them groomsmen gifts as a thank you for all their hard work and as a reminder of them participating in one of the most memorable moments of your life.

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